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Fall Flowers

Can I tell you a secret? Are you ready? 

Fall is my favorite time of year, y'all. And it has FINALLY arrived in Southeastern Virginia.

I know, I know. I'm that girl. Feel free to call me "basic" if you please. I just can't help myself. What's not to love about changing leaves, crisp air, apple picking, boot wearing, school supply shopping, sleeping with the windows open? Plus... ALL. THE. GOURDS. 

And nothing sets my heart on fire quite like a fall wedding. Fall in Tidewater Virginia is the perfect time to get married, especially if you're looking to have an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. Yes, you run the risk of a little inclement weather (hello hurricane season), but that's a risk I was willing to take for my own wedding. Summers here are oppressive. Even spring weddings can heat up fast. But an afternoon wedding on a crisp fall day when the leaves are changing? Followed by an evening reception with twinkle lights and a bonfire? Be still, my beating heart. 

Be it moody browns and burgundies, dusty blues, vintage greens and pinks, or bright pops of orange and yellow, fall lends itself to a host of gorgeous color palettes and seasonal flower selections. Let me take you through a few of my favorite fall floral options.


Symbolize enduring grace, elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity.

$5-10 per stem

Dahlias are, in my humble opinion, one of the most breath taking options for weddings. But flower novices beware: they pack a punch, but dahlias can be pricey, even in season. Plus, they tend to be a bit finicky. If you're a DIY-er with little experience working with flowers, I'd save yourself the heartache and forego dahlias altogether. Consider opting for...


Symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.

Less than $5 per stem

Dahlias may be the stars of the show in autumn, but people let me tell you about my best friend...the mum. Now hold on just a second, y'all, before you object. Hear me out. I'm not talking about your run-of-the-mill, measly mums that make an appearance in every cheap plastic-wrapped grocery store bouquet. No. I'm talking about these babies right here. These guys, known as disbud mums, are affordable, hardy, and full of beautiful concentric petals that closely mimic dahlias.


Symbolizes devotion, long-lasting bonds, gratitude, and rising above your surroundings.

Less than $5 per stem

If you're someone who craves all things romantic, look no further than sweet Lissy. Her delicate ruffled blooms come in shades of classic white, lavender, purple, and pink. Incorporating a few Lissy in lieu of roses is a great option for brides looking to decrease their flower budget and add variety to bouquets and centerpieces.

Garden Roses

Most commonly associated with romance, roses are symbolic of a number of qualities depending on their color and number.

Greater than $10 per stem

Old faithful. If you're of the mind that roses are "old hat," I can't really blame you. Sometimes it feels like roses have made an appearance in virtually every wedding since the dawn of time. But if you're looking for something with more of a wow factor, I always advise garden roses, which come in every color imaginable and never go out of season. Popular colors for fall include rich reds, burgundies, and peaches.


Symbolizes admiration.

Under $5.00 per stem

Sometimes called the "pincushion flower" due to their textured centers, scabiosa blooms can be used in more traditional arrangements to add a bit of texture, or in loose, freshly-gathered-from-the-garden style arrangements for a fun, whimsical feel. 

Viburnum Berries

Symbolize one's home and native land, blood, and family roots

$5-10 per stem

If you're looking for something that feels a bit more foraged than structured, or you're longing to include dark currant, deep blue, or black elements in your floral arrangements, I'd advise viburnum berries. 

Thanks for stopping by to read about some of my favorite fall wedding flower varieties. Now it's your turn to tell me... what are your favorite fall flowers???

Yours in blooms, 


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