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Bespoke DIY Wedding Flowers For a Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

Updated: Jan 31

A textured greenery bridal bouquet with white blooms served as the centerpiece at the head table, flanked by white taper candles in vintage brass holders DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

It all started with a wedding... my own wedding to be precise. I had just opened fleurish & bloom eight months prior. With a handful of styled shoots and weddings under my belt as a new business owner and sole designer at f&b, my confidence was blooming.

Florals for my wedding were a priority, but my budget was minimal. I decided I was going to tackle DIY Wedding Flowers for my Yorktown, Virginia micro wedding (back before COVID made micro-weddings a necessity). It'd be a cinch for a professional floral designer to create gorgeous arrangements for her own wedding, right? WRONG!

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An all greenery centerpiece in gold compote vase was placed at each table during the reception | DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

3pm the day before my wedding: I desperately needed to get ready for my 5pm rehearsal, but instead found myself standing in the tiny townhouse kitchen I shared with my soon-to-be-husband, the wreckage of my (what I now know is a completely normal) creative floral process scattered at my feet. My hair was a frazzled mess. My hands were covered in Eucalyptus gunk. The bouquets I'd managed to eke out laid before me; I began to panic as I realized my time was up. If I didn't get my florals done now, I'd be working late into the evening the night before the most important day of my life.

Bride holds textured greenery bouquet with white blooms, while the groom gives her a hug from behind DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

At that moment, my sister, Sam, arrived at my doorstep with her overnight bag for our ritual pre-wedding slumber party. Instantly recognizing my panic, she managed to soothe my anxious mind enough to coax me into my rehearsal dress and put me in a car so we could scamper across town just in time for the rehearsal at our venue.

A simple circular arbor adorned with lush seeded eucalyptus greenery garland and white blooms served as the alter DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

Later that evening, Sam and I sat up together chatting while we finished the floral arrangements that I should have completed days earlier. Though not quite as I envisioned, everything came together just fine thanks to Sam's cool head.

Bride and bridesmaids stand in front of the barn at Oakdale in Richmond, VA DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

I certainly don't regret DIY-ing my own wedding flowers. When managed properly, tackling DIY wedding flowers doesn't have to be a stressful situation. But I do wish I'd been more prepared with the an understanding of the timeline, resources, and tools I needed to make my floral dreams a reality.

Flat lay invitation suite, ribbon, wax seals, ring box, and florals DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

Since that day, it has been a personal aspiration to release a collection of budget-friendly DIY wedding packages perfect for couples who dream of luxury blooms, but want to avoid pre-wedding meltdowns like mine. So here it is, friend - fleurish & bloom's Bespoke DIY Collection. It is my sincerest wish that this collection allows your wedding to flourish & bloom in the most spectacular ways.

Bride and groom kiss under clear umbrella while bride holds her bouquet DIY Wedding Flowers for Yorktown, Virginia Micro Wedding

Interested in learning more about fleurish & bloom's Bespoke DIY Wedding Flower Packages for Virginia Couples? Contact us today!

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