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Hello, I'm  Jess!

When I began working part time for a flower shop as an undergraduate student, I never imagined I had found my calling. Flash forward seven years, a Bachelor's Degree, and a full time career as an administrative professional. My baby sister was getting married. As a wedding gift, I volunteered to design and arrange her wedding flowers. Despite the stresses surrounding the rest of the wedding, I reveled in the quiet bliss of designing my sister's wedding flowers and bringing those designs to life. When I placed the lovingly prepared bouquet in my sister's hands, I was hooked. Fleurish & Bloom was born in 2016.


To me, bringing someone joy on the most special day of their life is both a privilege and a blessing. From initial contact to executing the vision for the big day, I believe each of my soon-to-be-married couples deserves to be treated with the same love and attention that I poured into my sister's wedding. To this day, my favorite part of the floral design process is watching a bride's face light up at the sight of her bouquet, each given with a single wish: that her marriage continues to flourish and bloom in the most spectacular ways.

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